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COI Forum: Governance & Registration info

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---- Announcement ----

Following the announcement that ARC Foundation is winding down and transferring key projects to Asylos, we want to inform you that the COI Forum ceased its operations. It will be kept 'alive' as an Archive for now in order to preserve information and resources shared over the course of its lifespan, but it won't be managed or moderated.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact ARC at

ARC, the Dutch Council on Refugees and ACCORD want to thank you for your interest in the COI Forum over the years and your membership.

COI Forum

The COI Forum is a free online tool for all COI researchers and users of COI working in refugee status determination to share publications and ideas on COI research and sources, as well as to develop shared resources. The COI Forum is open to such organisations and individuals, subject to approval by the COI Forum moderators, but is a confidential private discussion group only for the use of its members.

The COI Forum is moderated by Asylum Research Centre Foundation (ARC Foundation). It was set up with the support from the Dutch Council for Refugees and Still Human Still Here. It is part of the community platform. Any views expressed in the COI Forum are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the moderators or The moderators accept no responsibility for any errors. The information shared on the COI Forum is not determinative of any individual human rights or asylum claim.

The COI Forum should not be used to seek or to offer legal advice and the moderators can withdraw membership on this basis. Abusive or inappropriate posts, such as sharing personal client data, and forwarding posts to non-members without permission will also lead to a revocation of membership. Please also respect the community platform's rules.

For further information about the functioning of the COI Forum please contact:

How to register (Registration is free)
Prospective members are invited to join the COI Forum by following these steps:
  1. Register as a user (click here), if you do not have an account already.
  2. Login to the community platform with your username and password here: Forum login
  3. Email with the following details:
    a. Full name
    b. Job title
    c. Organisation
    d. Your interest in COI e.g. are you a COI researcher/ RSD practitioner or how do you engage with COI related issues in your current role?
    e. Your username
    This information must be provided in order to gain membership but will only be visible to the COI Forum moderators.
  4. You will receive an email once you have been approved as a member of the COI Forum

How the COI Forum works
Approved members are encouraged to share COI-related publications, contribute to shared resources e.g. the Thematic Sources Database, and to post any COI (research) related questions for other members to answer.

Members are able to create new posts, reply to posts or search through older posts. Members are also able to subscribe to particular threads (‘topics’) and choose to receive notifications of updates by email.

The search function supports keyword search functions (exact word only) and * can be used as a wildcard for partial matches. E.g. searching for source* will yield all posts related to ‘source’ and ‘sources’.

You can find more help on how to use the forum in the Forum help.

User Profile
The information you provided in your account will be imported to the community platform, and therefore to the COI forum, upon your first login. You may change this data in the ‘User Control Panel’. We invite you to fill out your profile there, particularly ‘Occupation’ so that other members are aware of how you engage with COI in your work.
The profile fields visible to other members when you post are: your username, your name, the city/location, your organisation, your occupation, and your website.
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